World Series of Poker anticipates Fall return and what to look for in this year’s games

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented amount of events cancel and dissolve and The World Series of Poker was no exception to this trend. What is known as the most prestigious series of poker tournaments in the world, The World Series of Poker is a sporting event in of itself where the best poker players of all variants gather in Las Vegas to see who reigns supreme.

Thanks to measures taken in combating the pandemic, the World Series of Poker will kickoff in Las Vegas on September 30 and continue until November 17. Thousands of players are expected to attend this Fall as levels of normalcy continue to proceed across the world. With a new season of professional poker beginning, there are things players and fans should look out for this fall.

New and significant events

The World Series of Poker is starting the 2021 events with a bang by introducing new events for players to partake in. “The Reunion” will be an opening event where thousands of players will have the choice of three flights from Friday to Sunday and even have the option to play them all if they choose. The prize pool has also been announced to purportedly be at $5 million. Another featured event is the return of no-limit events such as Millionaire Maker, Double Stack and Colossus to name a few. The $25,000 heads up no-limit challenge will have a cap entry of 64 elite players and as its name implies a prize money increase of $25,000. These are of course not the only events to be featured at The World Series of Poker, but only the tip of the iceberg in terms of events to be featured at this year’s games.

Registration for the games

Naturally, one cannot participate in The World Series of Poker without registering for the games in question. This part is simple as there is both Online and In-Person registration. For convenience sake, it is simpler to register online as there are services provided to accommodate a high influx of traffic on the main website. It is crucial to stay up to date on when online registration opens in August and to register by the cutoff date. It is also required to bring the necessary documents to verify one’s identity not only for legal purposes but also to ensure the registration process continues in a smooth manner.

In-person registration is also an option as well and is available on a 24 hour basis throughout the games and potential players can sign up as long as they are eligible and bring the necessary documents forth in order to register.

Payments, Payouts and Benefits

As every player knows, one can pay with cash, credit and debit cards for entry fees and other expenses accrued throughout The World Series of Poker. If players have acquired chips or tournament credits through Rio, those are also acceptable forms of payment as well. A new rules for 2021 allows for ACH otherwise known as Automated Clearing House which is basically writing an electronic check in layman’s terms. This expansion in payment methods allows for even more accessibility to players in addition to providing a contactless form of payment to those still weary of Covid-19. There also wire methods available on-site as yet another convenient method of contactless payment.

The World Series of Poker have also added the ability to begin the payout process in advance in order to clear potential backlog and increasing the means of convenience. Pretty much every payment method is available for players from cash, credit card, debit card, wire-in or tournament credits. Those who have registered a Bravo account through the tournament website also have that for a payout option as well.

There is also a loyalty card players can obtain for rewards points. The popular system returns and will be available throughout the facility for both new and returning patrons. For someone looking to become a regular in The World Series of Poker, this is something one should look into as they play through the games and start building their poker career.

All for the love of the game

Whether one is in attendance seeing the magnificence in person or watching at home on ESPN, the love for the same game is a common ground bringing countless people together from all corners of the world.