Plug Pulled 500 Hours Into Poker Bankroll Challenge: “We Just Take the L”

Kevin Martin’s ambitious live-streamed Poker Bankroll Challenge, aiming to turn $0 into $5,000, concluded after 500 hours and a modest $500 poker profit. The challenge, labeled “Poker from Zero,” was a daring attempt by the GGPoker ambassador to showcase his poker journey, starting with pawning items for initial funds and then grinding through micro-stakes poker earnings.

The Tough Reality of Professional Poker

In a reflective video posted on X shortly after the challenge ended, Martin opened up about the hardships of making a living through poker. “We just take the ‘L,’ man, we just take the ‘L,'” he admitted, acknowledging the shortfall from the target despite the small victories along the way. Throughout the challenge, Martin’s poker play netted him an average of $3 per hour, with much of the live stream capturing his daily life beyond the poker table.

Plug Pulled 500 Hours Into Poker Bankroll Challenge: "We Just Take the L"

Despite falling short of his $5,000 goal, Martin accepted responsibility for the outcome, emphasizing the relentless nature of live-streaming poker around the clock without breaks and contending with the fluctuating bankroll, which saw its peak at $1,300 before sliding down.

A Generous Gesture and a Word of Advice

Deciding to round his final bankroll to $1,000, Martin plans to donate it to a lucky YouTube subscriber, showcasing his gratitude towards his audience’s support. His journey not only attracted a surge in subscribers but also highlighted the grueling effort required to undertake such a challenge without respite.

Martin’s parting advice underscored the beauty and brutality of professional poker. He cautioned against attempting to start from scratch in poker, pointing out the skill-based yet unpredictable nature of the game and advising enthusiasts to enjoy it as a passionate sideline rather than a primary income source.


Kevin Martin’s bankroll challenge ended with valuable lessons and insights, not just for him but for the poker community at large. It demonstrated the daunting challenge of building a bankroll from the ground up and the importance of persistence, responsibility, and realism in the face of ambitious goals. His experience serves as a poignant reminder of poker’s complexities, offering both inspiration and caution to players everywhere.