GGPoker Move to Ban Online Poker Player Stables: Implications and Reactions

In a surprising development that has sent ripples through the online poker community, GGPoker, one of the world’s leading online poker platforms, has announced a decision to ban poker stables from operating within its network. This decision marks a significant policy shift and has sparked a mix of reactions from various stakeholders in the poker industry. This article explores the background of this decision, its implications, and the broader reactions from the online poker community.

Understanding Poker Stables

Poker stables refer to groups where experienced players, often known as coaches or backers, support less experienced players by providing them with financial backing, training, and other resources in exchange for a share of the player’s winnings. This arrangement allows new players to participate in higher-stake games without the personal risk of large financial losses, while backers potentially earn returns on their investment.

GGPoker’s Decision to Ban Stables

GGPoker’s decision to prohibit stables stems from concerns about fairness and the integrity of the game. In their announcement, GGPoker cited the need to ensure a level playing field for all players and to prevent any practices that could be perceived as collusive or that might give certain players an unfair advantage. The platform has expressed its commitment to upholding the highest standards of game integrity and has implemented this policy as part of an effort to safeguard the interests of the broader player community.

the online poker community to GGPoker's decision, showing a scene with divided opinions among supporters and critics.

Implications of the Ban

The ban on stables will have several significant implications:

1. Impact on Emerging Players:

For new and less financially capable players, stables have often served as a crucial stepping stone, providing them with the necessary resources to build their careers. The ban could limit opportunities for these players to advance, potentially slowing down the growth of fresh talent in the online poker world.

2. Financial Effects on Backers:

Many professional players and investors who function as backers will see a direct impact on their business models. The ban could lead to reduced revenues for these backers and might force them to rethink their strategies in the online poker market.

3. Game Integrity and Player Trust:

From GGPoker’s perspective, the move is likely to enhance the platform’s integrity by ensuring that all players adhere to the same rules without external financial influences that could affect gameplay. This could strengthen player trust in the fairness and transparency of the platform.

Community Reactions

The decision has elicited mixed reactions within the poker community:

Supporters of the ban applaud GGPoker for taking steps to ensure a fair competitive environment. They argue that the presence of stables can lead to situations that border on collusion and create disparities on the playing field, which are detrimental to the spirit of individual competition.

Critics, however, believe the move may harm the ecosystem by hindering player development and reducing the dynamism of the online poker community. Some fear it could discourage new players from entering the scene, as they may find it harder to compete at higher levels without financial backing.


GGPoker’s ban on online poker player stables is a landmark decision with far-reaching consequences for the online poker industry. As the community adapts to these new regulations, the long-term effects on the competitive landscape and player development will become clearer. Whether this move will ultimately benefit or hinder the growth of online poker remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly marks a new chapter in the ongoing evolution of the game.