GGPoker GGMasters Overlay Edition Wraps Up with Over $700,000 in Overlay

For poker aficionados, overlay is the cherry on top of the tournament cake. And when it comes to online poker tournaments, finding one with overlay is like hitting the jackpot. Enter GGPoker GGMasters Overlay Edition, a tournament designed for just that purpose. As the name suggests, overlay was the name of the game, with the event falling short of its $10 million guaranteed prize pool by over three-quarters of a million dollars.

In this freezeout event, players couldn’t buy back in after being eliminated, meaning GGPoker couldn’t rely on multiple bullets fired by players to bolster the prize pool. Nonetheless, a staggering 66,894 players entered the $150 GGPoker GGMasters Overlay Edition tournament. After deducting GGPoker’s $12 fee from each entry, the total prize pool stood at $9,231,372, leaving a substantial overlay of $768,628 from the $10 million guarantee.

True to its commitment to its players, GGPoker maintained the guaranteed prize pool at an even $10 million, resulting in an additional benefit of $11.49 per participant. While not everyone walked away with an extra $11.49 in their pocket, those who cashed out certainly earned more than they would have in the absence of the guarantee.

One might wonder why GGPoker willingly accepts such significant overlay losses. The answer lies in the strategic realm of marketing. The tournament serves as a powerful magnet, attracting both new and returning players with the allure of substantial overlay. While some participants may only engage in this one-off event, others may become regulars, contributing to GGPoker’s revenue through subsequent tournaments and cash games.

Moreover, the overlay serves as a gesture of goodwill, fostering loyalty among existing players who appreciate the poker room’s willingness to incur financial losses for their benefit. While GGPoker’s actions may be driven by marketing objectives rather than altruism, the $700,000+ overlay certainly speaks volumes about its commitment to enhancing the player experience.