ChatGPT Can Predict Chess Moves, But Don’t Ask It for Poker Advice

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, tools like ChatGPT have proven their prowess in various domains, notably in games such as chess. However, when it comes to games of incomplete information like poker, the capabilities of AI like ChatGPT meet their limitations. This article delves into how ChatGPT excels in predicting chess moves and why it might not be your best bet for poker advice.

The Mastery of ChatGPT in Chess

ChatGPT, trained on vast datasets, includes information on classic games and high-level strategies, making it a competent advisor in chess. The game of chess is deterministic and transparent, where all information about the opponent’s pieces is visible and predictable. This environment allows deterministic models like ChatGPT to analyze and predict outcomes with high accuracy.

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ChatGPT’s Approach to Chess

ChatGPT uses its training on historical data and known strategies to suggest moves that align with professional play. Whether it’s opening moves, middle-game tactics, or end-game strategies, ChatGPT can provide insights derived from grandmaster games and famous chess matches.

Limitations in Poker

Unlike chess, poker is a game of incomplete information with various hidden elements, such as the opponents’ cards and their next moves. This uncertainty introduces a level of complexity that traditional models like ChatGPT are not designed to handle effectively.

Why ChatGPT Falls Short in Poker

ChatGPT’s training involves patterns and data analysis, but it cannot interpret human behavior, bluff, and make risky bets, which are crucial in poker. Poker requires not only an understanding of probability and game theory but also an ability to read subtle psychological cues, which AI like ChatGPT does not possess.

Practical Uses of ChatGPT in Game Strategy

For chess enthusiasts, ChatGPT can be an excellent educational tool. It can help beginners understand the rules, suggest moves, and explain strategies. In poker, while ChatGPT might not offer an in-depth strategy, it can still teach basic rules and hand rankings.

Scenario Analysis

ChatGPT can assist in scenario analysis in chess by evaluating different board setups and predicting opponent moves based on historical data. However, in poker, its use might be limited to explaining theoretical outcomes based on probability rather than actual gameplay strategy.


ChatGPT’s capabilities in games like chess highlight the strengths of AI in structured, rule-based environments where all information is available. However, in games like poker, where uncertainty and human psychology play significant roles, ChatGPT’s utility is more of a basic informational tool rather than a strategic advisor. As AI continues to evolve, perhaps future iterations will bridge these gaps, but for now, when it comes to poker, you might want to stick to human advice for the best play strategies.

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